Laser engraving your food products: branding is all about good taste!

Being a food producer, you obviously strive to get your products and brand to be appreciated by the largest possible amount of people. How about letting your logo caress both the eyes and mouth of your customers? In other words: would you like to permanently, yet gently, imprint your branding and/or message onto your food products? Well… now you can! Laserflux offers the perfect solution: our custom made machines will allow you to easily laser engrave your food products all by yourself!

Custom made and seamlessly integrated in your production chain

One of our biggest assets is undoubtedly our in-line customization. Where most other manufacturers rather build fixed units that invariably imply an intensive installation procedure, Laserflux develops laser engraving machines that are tailored to your specific production chain and machines. The advantages are obvious: not a second is lost during your production process. And it’s not just about continuity; the implementation itself will prove to enroll remarkably fast and straightforward too.
As a result, you’ll soon be able to laser engrave your food products with your name, logo or any other message you’d like to pass to your consumer. Moreover: in no time, you’re ready to configure your own engraving for each product individually. Perfect for those temporary promotions or other ‘special’ occasions. Thanks to the very short set-up times, this also won’t cause any significant downtime!

Quality through expertise

Another great advantage we most proudly point out is the intrinsic superiority of our equipment. Laserflux has long been a leading force in the field of advanced laser cleaning. This experience and our know-how concerning higher laser powers guarantee extremely accurate lasering. Evidently, all this knowledge gives us a tangible edge over companies that are solely active in the engraving business.

‘Nurturing’ both your product and your people!

One might wonder if food laser engraving is safe? A legitimate and responsible question, which at Laserflux, we wholeheartedly answer with a decisive ‘yes’! The safety of your people and consumers is an utmost priority!
In our own labs, we carefully check and test the laser process, ensuring it doesn’t change the expiration date of your products. Are you using very specific, even special ingredients? Then our specialized partnerswill provide all relevant info and results: they have an official mandate to carry out extremely precise perishability tests.

Other advantage of our laser engraving machines include the total absence of toxic fumes and the smart housing, making the installation perfectly safe for bystanders.

Laser engraving your food products = eliminating pullution

Andlet’s not forget the huge ecological benefit. The era of environmentally harmful packaging are finally numbered… a good evolution indeed! By laser engraving food products, you inform the consumer and/or reinforce your brand without using extra packaging. It is also an ideal way to clearly communicate your commitment to the planet with your consumer. In other words: win, win, win!