In-line laser cleaning machine

Smart design

The gun of the Laserflux devices doesn’t only look spectacular, it’s also very cleverly designed. The gun is designed in a way that it’s very easy to assemble to a robot arm. Like this, we don’t need complex intermediate parts and we are able to build a very affordable automated laser cleaning installation. A second advantage of this is that you can easily take the gun in your hand for a temporary job or a place that is hard to reach. With a weight of less than 3 kg, the Laserflux gun is perfectly suitable for such manual jobs.

Why do it yourself when a robot can do it better?

A lot of laser cleaning jobs require the same movements. Unless the places that need to be cleaned are hard to reach, a lot of the work can be done by a robot. Another advantage of this is that the surface that needs to be cleaned, is illuminated evenly. Unlike with sandblasting, there is no risk here that the underlying layer will get damaged by aiming at the same spot for too long with laser cleaning, but in some applications it’s useful that the cleanliness is very uniform. Also for the installation into a (existing) production line, a laser cleaning robot can be useful. The space that is needed for the cleaning is very small and in terms of safety shielding, you only have to make sure that no one can look directly into the laser gun. The extraction of the evaporated layer and any other dust particles is integrated into the laser head and filters the air flow back to the level that you can blow into your factory hall as well. If you’d like to know more about how laser cleaning exactly works, you can read it here.

A mobile robot

This may sound weird, but Laserflux also sells mobile laser cleaning robots. The laser gun can be mounted on a relatively simple robot, because it’s so compact and light This makes that we’re able to mount the robot on a mobile base ourselves, which you can then move around. Think of a biscuit factory having several ovens, where the mobile robot rolls by and cleans all the baking trays that pass by. The laser cleaning machine, which provides the gun with its laser beam and the necessary extraction, is very easy to move around and only needs to be placed near the robot. A hose of 10 meters or more is no exception, this means that you will always find a good spot to park the machine.

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