Vintage car stripping

When talking about stripping vintage cars, we often think of sandblasting, soda blasting or dry ice cleaning. The disadvantage of blasting is that the entire environment has to be shielded. Besides that there’s also a lot of waste that should be processed chemically because it’s full of paint particles. A third big problem with blasting is the fact that no distinction is made between paint and the underlying layers. Aiming in one spot for too long can cause local thinning of the metal.

Laser cleaning works differently. The car is illuminated with a laser gun and the laser beams will remove any form of paint and/or rust, without damaging the metal. This is because metal has a higher ablation temperature than paint, rust and other pollutions. A difference is made between the body of the car and what may be on top, up to a molecular level. An important consequence of this is that any rust spots and rust holes get removed very selectively. The laser beam has no effect on the bare metal, we can easily shine a little longer on the risk zones without any danger: All rust will disappear but the healthy metal will still be there. This is how you achieve a result that you won’t ever achieve with other methods. The paintwork afterwards will never have been this perfect!

You can’t only remove rust with laser cleaning, but also dirt, grease residues, grease traces and other deposited dirt. Layer thicknesses up to 1 or 2 mm can be easily removed. In terms of underlying surface, sheet metal won’t be a problem, but we are also able to remove dirt from glass, wood, aluminum and other materials that can withstand a temperature of at least 100°C. After all, the underlying surface doesn’t heat up directly as a result of the laser beam, but because the paint layer on top of it does heat up, there will still be a slight warming of the underlying material.

In terms of price, laser cleaning is comparable to the other methods. We sell the machines, but we also have technicians who can come to you and strip the car at your place. People often think that laser cleaning is much more expensive than other methods. However, this is not really true because laser cleaning is much faster, which means that the price is eventually comparable. And the result is so much better.