Laser cleaning drive-in

Are you a private individual? Or are you self-employed but only have one or more (small) pieces that you would like to clean with laser cleaning? We have a simple solution for that: The weekly laser cleaning drive-in.

How does it work

Each Wednesday between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m., you can come to us with your pieces. We’ll clean them while you’re waiting and you pay for the time it took us to perform the cleaning. You can drive in, so you can leave your parts in your trailer or in your van while we perform the cleaning. Like this, we can quickly do the job.

Send us a short message beforehand via the form below with the message that you’ll come by, an estimated time of arrival and with how many pieces. Make sure to also leave your phone number so we can reach you if necessary.

How long does it take

We perform the cleaning in the drive-in with a 1000W machine. This is a very powerful machine that allows us to clean thoroughly in a short period of time. It’s always a bit tricky to define an exact cleaning speed beforehand, but as a rule of thumb, you can count that we spend twenty minutes on a square meter of flat material. If there are a lot of corners and edges, this may be a little bit more, but this can give you an indication.

Are my parts suitable for laser cleaning

Not sure if your parts are suitable for laser cleaning? Almost all metals are eligible, just like different types of wood, stone, glass, etc. You can find more information on the following page. Not sure if your type of contamination can be removed with laser cleaning? If the layer isn’t thicker than a millimeter, it doesn’t matter if it’s rust, grease, soot, paint or a coating. You will find more information about the different applications on this page . The only thing that takes a bit longer is a white yard or a white primer. This is because a white surface reflects some of the laser beam. Give us a call beforehand if you’re not sure whether your project is feasible or not.

The price

We ask € 3,75 per minute (excl. VAT) with a minimum of 10 minutes. We start counting from the moment the laser cleaning machine has the right settings for your type of contamination and underlying layer. During the period when we adjust the settings, you can also decide not to continue because you don’t like the result. When this happens, we do ask for a minimum compensation of € 20 (excl. VAT).

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