Who is Laserflux?

Laserflux was established by engineer Tom Van Capellen. His mission from the beginning was to make laser cleaning widely accessible. That’s why he focused on the development and production of innovative, competitive and high-quality solutions to immediately be able to provide added value.

The story of Laserflux starts in 2016, at a big Brussels waffle producer. The company was looking for a solution to replace the existing waterjet cleaning system with a more easy and more user-friendly system.

The production of waffles had to be stopped a lot with the waterjet cleaning system. Therefore, the waffle company could only clean their installation on weekends. Besides that, the sewerage system had to be covered every time and also cleaned separately after the conventional cleaning. Overall, the existing cleaning system was very impractical and very time-consuming.

Tom Van Capellen was requested to start testing Laser Cleaning systems. The problem was that the existing systems weren’t the right solution. The power was too low, causing insufficient results. A clean production is of course vital for a company in the food industry. Therefore, in 2018, they decided to come up with a suitable solution themselves. The system that was developed back then, is in the meantime already successfully installed and integrated into the production system.

From this experience, Laserflux was originated. The first goal: building better, portable and manually controlled laser cleaners. The fact that it was possible to start from an earlier integration and that it could be ‘build back’, was a huge advantage. Besides, various interested end users collaborated with us during the development. As a result of this smart approach, Laserflux now has the most compact and efficient machines on the market.

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